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Welcome to RUM LINE,

After procrastinating for far too long, I've finally updated this site to share with you one of the sweetest Bertram 28's you'll ever find.

This is (was) an early 70's model 28 FBC that has been completely torn down, restored and repowered with a pair of "completely remanufactured" Yanmar 4LHA's, giving her a comfortable cruise of 28kts, with a top speed in excess of 33kts. Fuel capacity was increased to 238gals, giving her a range at 28Kts of over 750nm. Multiple trips to the canyons on a single tank, or a weekend trip from Newport to Cape May and back - no problem!

There are a number of subtle modifications that contribute to this 28 riding and handling like a much larger boat, such as moving the "Center of Gravity" slightly forward through careful engine placement and the reduction of weight aft.

The boat is now capable of running at any given speed from 5kts at idle on up. There is no "transition hump" from fast troll to planing speed as is normally seen with  gas powered models. So, running at 12-15kts is achievable with a comfortable ride in "hostile" conditions!

Browse through the restoration galleries and videos and please feel free to offer your questions or comments. Any and all suggestions for this site are welcomed! Email me at  captain@rumline.net